Mega offer at Blot Club

Mega offer at Blot Club

Blot Club, being one of the most popular games in Armenia, is constantly improving the game, taking into account every opinion and all the wishes of its loyal and beloved users. This time we have unreal offer again, which will be valid only during of chips purchases through Telcell or EasyPay.

100 dram = 1000 red chips

From February 19 to March 9, for 20 days only, pay only 100 AMD with Telcell and EasyPay and get 1000 red chips to enjoy the blot. It should be noted that the promotion is valid only once and only if you top up  your chips with exactly 100 drams. If you pay more or less than 100 AMD, you will receive the standard quantity of chips not as in this promotion. For example, if you buy chips for 90 drams (according to the standard calculation you will receive 135 chips) or 200 drams or more.

Who can take advantage of this offer?

This fantastic offer is available to all users, only once, on all available game accounts.

Well, hurry up! Don’t miss this unreal offer and enjoy all the games of the blot.

With love,

Blot Club team.

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