“Rich” game is Adrenaline

A “Rich” game, as one of the most powerful games with adrenaline.

What is a “Rich” game? 

“Rich” game is a new game, which is created taking into account the suggestions and wishes of each blot user. In the new gaming room of Blot Club you will definitely meet only users with extensive experience. You will enjoy the blot and feel all the adrenaline that is only available in the “Rich” game.
Why did we specifically indicate adrenaline? Because the rich game has the highest bet and the highest win – bet 1950 red chips and win 3500. 
Also we have “Rich” tournaments, where you will definitely enjoy the exciting battle for the win in the tournament.
Well, well? Have you already felt all the adrenaline of the game? Then forward to victories!

How to play the “Rich” game?

To play the “Rich” game users must have purchased chips at least once in the last 30 days. And as you already know, all users have an opportunity to purchase chips in the game starting from 100 AMD, using the most convenient payment methods. 
Thus, the creation of a “Rich” game is another proof that we always value and take into account every opinion and wish of our beloved users and do everything to ensure that Blot Club always remains the most beloved gaming platform.  


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