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First there was a brilliant idea to move the outdoor game to the online level. Blot Club was the first to give a chance to play the beloved game any time and any place. Through several years of its development and with the work of four strong departments; Development, SEO services, Design, and Support, we have competitive, loved and free product in the market.

But the acceptable betting scheme, daily bonuses, a number of chances to get free chips and pleasant interface Blot Club created many innovations to make the game even more interesting and catchy. First of all, the game has three different tables for players of different playing levels, and all users can see the playing results and levels of other players around their table. During any game round any table one can get and send presents to any player to express his/her emotions and add some real life coloring to the game.

There are different achievements in the game, for a couple of good games one may get new badges and additional chips. Daily and monthly tournaments not only give a chance to get more chips but also add some competitive taste to the game.

For the special users Blot Club also offers VIP status which gives a number of priorities in the game, such exceptional opportunities as expressing emotions with a number of smileys, Vip frames, changing avatars.

This is just a short description of a cool game with cool ideas. To know more just start to play playing.

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