RNG certification

The beloved Armenian game Blot Club has received international certification.

As a result of hard work and years of effort, the Armenian game “Bazar Blot Club” has received a Random Number Generator (RNG) certificate. The certificate was issued by the international company “iTech Labs,” which specializes in certifying and quality testing of online gaming systems.

You can review the certificate here.

Why is the certificate so important for “Bazar Blot Club”?

“The international certificate obtained by the game ‘Bazar Blot Club’ is very significant as it provides more confidence to all users and confirms the fact that the game operates solely on a random number generator. To be more precise, it confirms that the cards in the game are dealt only and exclusively in a random way. This is the most important aspect for ‘Bazar Blot Club’,” mentioned Arthur Harutyunyan, the CEO. 

“The challenging and lengthy process of obtaining certification was associated with the work of developers as well as financial resources. Regarding the development, it should be noted that it required compliance with international standards and successful completion of testing,” added the CEO of the company.

After choosing the laboratory “iTech Labs,” which specializes in RNG certification for online games, the process of conducting a series of tests was initiated. The certification path included, as already mentioned, various tests involving the game’s code and other necessary information. As a result of the tests, it was determined that the RNG card dealing algorithm in the game is completely random. 

Concluding his speech, Arthur said, “In the game ‘Bazar Blot Club,’ cards are dealt solely based on randomness, which is already confirmed by the presence of the RNG certificate.” 

Obtaining the RNG certificate demonstrates the fairness, unpredictability, and excitement of the game, which are sincerely valued and loved by players..

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